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I creating, presenting, and optimizing simple, action-inspiring content.

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My Services & Skills

Web Development


I'm a front-end web developer focused on building (and making over) clean, easy-to-use, and responsive websites that drive user action. Some of my tech skills include: HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, PHP, Squarespace, WordPress, Bootstrap, Photoshop...and I'm always expanding my toolkit.

Writing and Editing

Writing & Editing

I'm a copywriter and editor, creating and shaping results-oriented content of all kinds. My writing experience includes: web content, marketing copy (email and print), educational materials, resumes/CVs, business correspondence, comedy...and the list keeps growing.



I'm a coach. I can help with your brainstorming and strategization. I am also available to help you understand how to deal with WordPress or Squarespace administration, walk you through DIY site building, or focus your branding and content creation projects.

About Me

Equal parts art and business, creativity and logic, free-flow and order, I took up web development looking for a new way to create and shape. I began learning skills online from home and then went on to earn both Web Design and Web Development certificates from Noble Desktop in NYC. With a background in both visual art and writing/editing, my aim is to make elegant and effective sites that showcase streamlined content, provide pleasant user experience, and encourage action. Formerly a small business owner myself, I enjoy working with new clients and contributing to the growth of their vision.

In addition to front-end web development, I offer writing and editing services, as well as content assessment and creation assistance. An experienced and effective coach, I can help clients become more self-sufficient with various technical and creative processes. I got my start in writing and editing with an educational publishing company, and since then have worked with a wide variety of content types across multiple industries. Flexible and curious, I am always open to new challenges.

Outside of my work as a developer, writer, and editor, I am an actor/performing artist and teacher. I enjoy a variety of creative and technical outlets - writing sketch comedy, editing videos, directing movement...and cats. I enjoy cats.

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